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The Power Of A Detox Bath

If you’re feeling like your body is due for a little relaxation, nothing is more soothing than a hot Detox bath. Dipping into a Detox bath is a great way to cleanse your body, rest your mind, improve your overall health and give extra

Natural Healing Home Remedies

This post began with the idea of finding natural and healthy remedies to common ailments like a sore throat, headache, constipation, gas and bloating, toothache, etc..  So we began to research various recommended and effective solutions and one of our writers happened to have

Avoid These 7 Salad Making Errors

A salad for most people is our first encounter to raw foods. Quick and easy to make, they are a delicious way to get live, bio-dynamic foods into your diet. Making a nutritious salad may sound simple, but it’s important to know what you